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The mystic Buddhism and breathtaking diversified landscapes make Nepal - the kingdom of the Himalayas, a popular destination for travelers over the world, thus Nepal is also known as the heaven for the tourists. Neighboring to Nepal, Tibet stands aloof on the roof of the world; this forbidden land of the Himalayas also attracts countless globe travelers despite many barriers.

While many tourists prefer to do Tibet to Nepal overland tour to visit these two destinations, yet, for some reasons, a large number of tourists plan to visit Nepal before Tibet. The visa and permit policy to enter Tibet from Nepal differs from entering from Chinese proper; here we present you some first-hand information about how to get Tibet tours from Nepal with ease based on our years of experience, hope you will find it helpful. Our Nepal, Tibet tours and treks will give you memories to carry with you for the rest of your life, with so much to see and do on every journey.

  1. For tourists plan to enter Tibet from Nepal, they need a Chinese Group Visa issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, the visa is the only voucher for you to enter Tibet from Nepal. That is to say it is useless to have any Chinese visa obtained in any other country.
  2. The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu accepts group visa application form from 10 AM till 2 PM from Monday till Friday, but it takes at least 3 working days to get the Chinese Group Visa issued. So, please make a good schedule for your stay in Nepal.
  3. The Chinese Group Visa fee charged by the Chinese Embassy in Kaththmandu is shown below depends on nationality and urgency. And our partner visa agent in Kathmandu will charge you USD 20 per person as service fee.
    Normal Urgent
    Process Duration
    working days
    4 3
    US Citizens
    USD p/p
    140 155
    Canadian Citizens
    USD p/p
    120 135
    Romanian Citizens
    USD p/p
    80 90
    Other Citizens
    USD p/p
    50 65

    Tibet permit will be issued several days later after the letter from the TTB is issued.

  1. If you want to fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu, a Group Tourist Visa is enough for you to get on board of flight, and our guide will pick you up at the airport in Lhasa with the original TTB permit.
  2. If you plan to travel to Tibet by overland, our guide will bring the original permit to pick you up at Gyirong, a Chinese border town next to Nepal. You just need finish your immigration formalities before meeting our guide.

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Nepal to Tibet overland tours:

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