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Tibet Travel Permit Guide

Issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB), Tibet Permit is a two-page A4 size document that allows you to enter and travel in Tibet. Tourists can only get this Tibet travel permit from a local tour operator in Lhasa whom you book a tour with. To apply for the permit from the TTB, you have to send by email the scan copy of your valid passport and Chinese visa to your Tibet tour operator at least 15 days before the tour because the application & approval takes about 10 days. 

 There is no "permit-only" service from your tour operator, tour guide, vehicle and accommodation are all indispensable parts of this packaged tour like the Tibet travel permit.  Here we’ll go over more details in this Tibet travel permit guide.

2020 Tibet Travel Permit

Unlike previous years, Tibet opens to foreign tourists even in WHOLE March(when was supposed to closed the whole month before), but in whole March, people need to take private tour, no group tour. Obviously we have more opening policy on tourism in Tibet. In 2019, Tibet keeps opening from the very begining, which is quite beyong our forecast. This is the first time of the new loose on the policy since 2008. This is quite promising for us in 2019. And we give our big hug for all the international friends to visit Tibet in March with quite low cost on hotel, vehicle fee and entrance fee. So this is the really cost-effective time to enjoy Tibet sunshine in early Spring time. As north part might be affected by low temperature, but no problem to visit New Everest Camp Base and souther part of Tibet. Especially the peach blossom in Nyinchi in late March which is only for Chinese tourists before. And this year it will open for all people to visit. view more

UPDATING 2020 message

Notes: Good news is that all the international friends can visit Tibet in whole March, only need to take private tour, not join in any group tours. So you will not miss the Peach Blossom Festival in Nyinchi in March this year.  

Updated on 26th, February, 2019

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Tibet Permit Guide

Tibet Permit from Nepal

Across the world, there is only one direct international flight to Lhasa that departs from Kathmandu, Nepal; besides, the Chinese Customs at Zhangmu that borders Nepal is also the only Customs that allows international tourists ... view more

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