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The Best Tibet Travel Guide Encyclopedia in 2020

Where is Tibet? How to travel to Tibet? How to obtain the visa and travel permit to Tibet? Can I travel to Tibet and should I worry about the altitude sickness? You probably have a bunch of doubts to sort out before really book anything. No worry anymore, here BudgetTibetTour is going to deliver you the most comprehensive, precise and updated Tibet Travel Guide Info that are handpicked by our trip advisers and tour guides with years working experience on the roof of the world. We believe now with this guide in place, Tibet is getting closer and closer to you.
Dos and Don'ts Tibet is a holy land for Buddhist and a dreamed tour destination for all travelers, with a time-honored civilization and characteristic tourism resources, there are a lot to do in Tibet but knowing dos and don’ts is equally important to enjoy a smooth Tibet Tour.
What to Pack Packing for Tibet travel has always been the topic that often discussed. In this guide, we will discuss about the packing list for traveling to Tibet, from what to wear, how to pack, to tips for traveling in Tibet, etc.
Altitude Sickness Altitude Sickness is the most common sickness when travel to Tibet, what is it? How is caused? How to prevent it? It’s very important for us to know all those basic knowledge about the altitude sickness to ensure a safe and sound tour to Tibet.
Tibet Conditions What Tibet looks like in terms of weather and geography, and what should we prepare for those special weather and geographic conditions when we plan our Tibet tours to the roof of the world.
Barkhor Street in Lhasa Tibet Located in the old quarter of Lhasa, Barkhor Street is a famous pilgrimage and commercial center in Lhasa. Barkhor, means "middle circumambulation" in Tibetan l
Drepung Monastery in Lhasa Tibet Drepung Monastery is 1 of 3 biggest monasteries in Lhasa, built in 1416, used to be the dwelling for the 3rd till the 5th Dalai Lama moved to Potala Palace.
Johkang Temple in Lhasa Tibet Jokhang Temple is located in the center of the old Lhasa City, it is also regarded as the the center of Tibetan Buddhism across Tibet.
Potala Palace in Lhasa Tibet A comprehensive introduction to the Potala Palace, including Potala Palace history, construction, function, decoration and its value in art and religion.
Everything You Need to Know about the Train to Lhasa This guide offers you everything about the train to Lhasa, including the train schedule, ticket, sceneries and needed documents.
Flights to Tibet from Main Chinese Gateway Cities/Kathmandu Can you fly to Tibet? Of course YES. There are many available flights to Tibet from the main Chinese gateway cities and Kathmandu Nepal every day. Read the article to get the details.
Getting to Tibet: Main Gateway Cities to Travel to Tibet Do you want to know which cities are the main gateway cities to enter Tibet? If you want to know, this guide will give you detail instructions about it.
Tibet Weather and What to Pack for your Tibet Travel Want to explore the uniqueness and mystery of Tibet? Before your trip, check out our article to know the detailed information about Tibet weather and climate, including temperature, wind, precipitation, soar radiation and pack-list for your Tibet tour.
Detailed Guide About Where Is Tibet and How to Get to Tibet A detailed guide about where is Tibet located and how to travel to Tibet from Chinese cities and neighboring countries (Nepal, India and Bhutan).
Is It Cold in Tibet? How to Prepare? Is Tibet too cold to visit? Actually, it is not as cold as you imagine. If you want to know whether Tibet is cold, this guide will give you the answer.
People Who Cannot Travel to Tibet Tibet is really a good place to visit. However, some people are not allowed to go to Tibet. Some of them are not fit enough, while others might be underage.
Tips for Senior Travelers in Tibet This guide is specially designed for senior travelers who want to travel to Tibet. According to the physical conditions and age, we compile some of the most common questions asked by the Tibet senior travelers, such as the safety issues, preparation tips, detailed itinerary, high altitude sickness, and some practical suggestions.
Top 5 Great Tips for Tibet Family Tours 2024 Our lost of top 5 tips for family tours in Tibet includes age limit, safety issues, best time, recommended destinations, food and accommodations, etc.
Health Advice before & during Your Tibet Tour  In this post you will find some practical and useful tips on how to keep health before and during your Tibet tour.
Sunburn in Tibet, Symptoms and Prevention Worry about sunburn during your Tibet tour? Before your journey, take a few minutes to read our article to know the main symptoms of sunburn and solutions for sunburn relief and prevention in Tibet.
How to Cope with Tibet Altitude Sickness Properly In this article, we will offer you some quick and reliable tips to prevent and treat Tibet altitude sickness
Best Areas to Stay in Nyingchi – Guide for 2019 Planning a trip to Nyingchi, but not sure where to stay? Check this guide to help you pick the best areas to stay in Nyingchi, based on your interests.
Top 6 Recommended Hotels in Shigatse Shigatse is a must-visit stop of your Tibet tour. And accommodation is an important part of any trip. In this article, we offer a detailed introduction to the top 6 Shigatse hotels for your choice. Head to have a check.
Best Hotels in Lhasa, Tibet The best hotels in Lhasa, chosen by our expert, including luxury 5-star hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels and frequently used hotels. Now, you can read the reviews and choose the most available one based on your needs.
Traditional Tibetan dessert to try in Tibet Besides well-known Tibetan food like yak meat, momo, Tibetan dessert like Tsampa, Naizha, Kaisa, Bulu are also worthy of trying during your trip in Tibet
Choices of Tibetan Food & Tibetan Drink There are quite a few good restaurants offering authentic Tibetan food, Tibetan tea, delicious western food, Nepali and Indian cuisine. Head to our post to know where you can get good-tasted restaurants in Tibet.
How to Survive as A Vegetarian Tourist in Tibet This guide aims to give vegetarian and vegan tourists tips on how to eat and where to eat in Tibet. Besides, you can also find some useful advice as a vegan in a Tibet tour.
How to Plan an Amdo Tibet Tour without Restrictions Do you want to travel to Amdo Tibet alone without travel permit or travel guide? If you want, this post will tell you how to plan a perfect Amdo Tibet tour without restrictions.
How to Plan a Kham Tibet Tour Carefully Everything you know to plan the perfect trip to Kham, Tibet - Itineraries, attractions, tourist passes, accommodation, maps. Everything you need to visit Kham.
Tibet Nyingchi Tour Guide The newest guide to plan the tour to Nyingchi with rough knowledge about Nyingchi, the best time and how to go there, what to see and where to stay and other tips to travel to Nyingchi.
A Detailed Guide about Shannan Tour This guide tells you all details on planning a Shannan tour, including Shannan facts, how & when to go to Shannan, attractions, accommodations, permits, etc.
How to Plan a Shigate Tour A travel guide for Shigatse tour. When to go, what to see, where to stay, necessary permits, packing tips, etc.
How to Plan an Eastern Tibet Tour The eastern Tibet is a great holiday destination at any time of the year. If you want to travel to the eastern Tibet, this ultimate guide will show you where is the eastern Tibet, how to get there, what to see, and what is the best time to visit.
Everything You Need to Know about the Potala Palace Potala Palace is one of the most well-known spiritual sanctums in the world. If you want to travel there, this guide will introduce the Potala Palace facts, Potala inside, Potala history, Potala highlights, and some useful travel tips covering what to see, how to get there, and how to buy tickets, etc.
Travel Guides from Lhasa to Kathmandu, Tibet (Overland, Flight, Bicycle) This travel guide aims to give you some most up to date information on the trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu. You can find the most popular routes, budget tips, recommendations on places to stay, things to see and do, etc.
How to Plan A Tibet Tour in October Travelling to Tibet in October is a nice idea, please check this guide and learn more about Tibet tour in October - weather, things to do and tips.
Best Guide on How to Plan A Tibet Tour in September Want to travel to Tibet in September but have no idea how to start? This travel guide will tell some basic information about Tibet tour in September, including weather condition, packing tips, must-visit attractions, etc.
Tibet Tour in August Travelling to Tibet in August is a good idea, please check this guide and learn more about Tibet tour in August - weather, things to do and tips.
Tibet Tour in June Tibet in June 2020 is the perfect time to explore the best of this city on your next soothing holiday. Take a look at this pocket guide to know all about it!
Detailed Guide on Planning a Tibet Tour in May Read this post to know Tibet weather in May, best things to do in May, what to bring for Tibet tour and some useful tips for your trip.
Tips Needed for April 2024 Tibet Trip Planning a trip to Tibet and wondering if April is a good time to visit? Checking this guide to learn more about Tibet in April, such as weather, things to do, top attractions, and some useful tips.
Tibet Tour in March A detailed travel guide to show you how to travel to Tibet in March. It covers everything about Tibet March, such as Tibet weather in March, things to do in Tibet in March, festivals, and some useful travel tips.
Tibet Tour in January 2024/2025 This guide list some details about Tibet in January, including weather, things to do, preferential policies, and important tips.
10 Ultimate Things to Do in Lhasa Planning a trip to Lhasa but not sure what to do or where to go? We’ve compiled top 10 things to do and beautiful places to visit in Lhasa in this guide for you.
What Is the Best Time to Visit Lhasa Are you planning a Lhasa tour? Wonder what the best time to visit Lhasa is? The post here introduces Lhasa in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Head to check and make a smart decision.
Must-visit Lhasa Attractions The article offers a brief introduction to the popular Lhasa attractions, which might be helpful to make your perfect Tibet travel plan. Read to have a check.
The Ultimate Guide About Lhasa Tour in 2024 A comprehensive budget travel guide to Lhasa, Tibet, with tips and advice on how to go, where to stay and eat, how to plan a perfect itinerary, etc.
Top 5 Tibet Group Tours An useful article for the top Tibet group tour, why we choose to join in a group tour, and which group tours are more popular.
Top 9 Things about Tibet Travel Want to know something about Tibet travel before getting there? Don’t miss this page, which will tell you everything you want to know about Tibet travel, such as its foods, hotels, must-see scenery, top experiences and so on.
Is It Safe to Travel to Tibet? Top 4 Important Travel Safety Tips for Travelers Travel can be exhilarating but also scary at times. When you’re venturing into the great unknown and remote place like Tibet, following these 4 important travel safety tips to protect yourself and ensure a happy and secure journey.
Major Tibetan Hospitals With continuous development, the medical conditions in Tibet have made a great improvement. No need to worry that you could not find a hospital for an emergency in case of any accident.
Major Tibet Festivals that Cannot Afford to Miss Tibet is a mysterious and unique destination that can’t afford to miss. There are many traditional Tibet festivals related to Buddhism that you can add to your travel plans.
A Full Guide about Tibetan Clothing Here the article introduces traditional and modern Tibetan clothing from three aspects, Tibetan men’s clothing, women’s dress and monk clothing. Read to have a check.
Sky Burial in Tibet and Other Four Funeral Customs Sky burial is a Tibetan funeral practice involving the exposure of a dismembered corpse to sacred vultures. Apart from sky burial, there are many other funeral customs in Tibet, such as earth burial, water burial, fire burial, tree burial and stupa burial
Features of Tibetan Architecture (Dzong, Palace, Monastery, Lingka, Mausoleum) Tibet has a variety of buildings that exhibit different architectural forms from magnificent palace to sacred temples. If you are interested in Tibetan architecture, this guide will tell you some of the typical Tibetan architecture including Dzong, palace, monastery, Lingka, and mausoleum.
The Most Complete Guide to Plan a Namtso Trekking Want to do a trek around Namtso Lake but have no idea how to plan? Don’t worry, this guide will give you some practical tips including Namtso altitude, Namtso trek difficult, highlights, recommend itinerary, and so on.
How to Plan a Trek from Tsurpu Monastery to Yangpachen If you want to get a close look at the Tibetan herders (drokpa) and their semi-nomadic lifestyle or want to take a bath in Yangpachen Spring, Tsurpu Monastery to Yangpachen trek route is what you need. This guide will help you plan a perfect trek from Tsurpu Monastery to Yangpachen.
What Is the Best Time to Trek in Tibet? When is the best time to trek in Tibet - spring, autumn, winter or spring season? Check out this guide to find out the best time to trek to Tibet.
Top 5 Popular Tibet Trekking Routes Travel to Tibet to experience the world’s best trekking routes! The article covers the top 5 popular Tibet trekking routes. Head to know the route details and other special attentions about trekking in Tibet.
Ganden to Samye Trek in Tibet The Ganden to Samye trek is a tough 4-5 days walk through a remote region. Want to have a challenge? Read this article to know how to plan your Ganden to Samye trek.
Everything You Need to Know about Kangshung Face Base Camp Trek In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Kangshung face camp trek, including highlights, map, itinerary and best time for trekking.
Your Complete Guide about Tibet Currency Plan to travel to Tibet? Before you start the journey, take some time to know what currency/money is used in Tibet. Here we are going to introduce the Tibet currency, currency exchange and credit card use in Tibet.
Top 10 Tibet Souvenirs to Buy Tibet not only presents tourists gorgeous landscape, but also provides tourists with very special local products. Read our article to know the top 10 Tibet souvenirs to buy and some shopping tips in Tibet.
The 8 Most Popular Handicrafts in Tibet Tibetan handicrafts have fully displayed the wisdom of Tibetan people. If you want to learn about the Tibetan handicrafts, this guide will introduce some traditional and well-known handicrafts to you. It includes jewelry, belt, Thangka, knife, mask, etc.
Lhasa Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the holy city of Lhasa in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.
Shigatse Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the Shigatse area in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.
Ngari Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the Ngari area in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.
Chamdo Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the Chamdo area in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.
Nyingchi Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the Nyingchi area in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.
Shannan Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the Shannan area in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.
Naqu Guide A comprehensive guide and introduction to the Naqu area in Tibet, including its history, culture and places of interests.