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Kathmandu to Lhasa direct flights resume

Time:22-12-2023 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Himalayan Airlines will launch a flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu on December 28, truly realizing the air express across the Himalayas, which is the first international passenger flight for the resumption of flights from Lhasa Gonggar Airport. The flying distance is 603km, taking 1 hour 20 minutes. How much is Kathmandu to Lhasa airfare?In 2024, the flights operate on every Monday and the air fare is USD 260-350 for one way. 

From now on, the airline will operate its Kathmandu and Lhasa flights once a week. Himalayan Airlines proposes to increase the number of flights as passenger demand increases. This will result in a reasonable airfare and travellers will be able to travel affordably. In the past several months, travellers had to transfer in Chengdu, Kunming or Xi'an which took even 20 hours. 

Before the pandemic, Air China and Sichuan Airlines were operating this route daily. Sometimes the air fare was only USD200. 
Kathmandu to Lhasa flight schedule by Himalaya Airlines
Destination Effective Dates Days Departure Arrival
KTM-LXA Dec 28, 2023 Thu 7:25 11:00
LXA-KTM Dec 28, 2023 Thu 12:00 11:25
KTM-LXA Jan 8- Mar 25, 2024 Mon 7:25 11:00
LXA-KTM Jan 8- Mar 25, 2024 Mon 12:00 11:25

There were no direct flights to Lhasa at the time. As there were no flights to Lhasa after covid-19, many travellers were unable to travel to Lhasa and an overland Lhasa tour was the only option. Check out Lhasa to Nepal Overland Tours cross   himalayas.

Lhasa Kathmandu flights route, you can see Mt. Everest on the plane. When you fly from Lhasa to Kathmandu, right side seat is preferred. For Kathmandu to Lhasa route, left side seat is preferred. 

Advantages of direct flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa
-Time saving as there is no need to change planes. 
-Travellers reach their destination faster.
-Cheaper and more comfortable travel.
-Suitable for travellers of all ages.
-Less stress as there is no rush.
-Reduces the risk of altitude related health problems.
-Promotes tourism, business and cultural exchange.
-All arrangements are made on time, saving time.
-Simplified customs and immigration procedures.

Mt. Everest view on the plane


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Hi, I plan to arrive in Lhasa on the 9th of March in 2020 by train and would like to do a 4 day tour. Unfortunately there are no tours scheduled between January and April, will there be tours added or are there not any planned?

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    Thanks very much for your inquiry. We currently have no group tour in February and March, if you would like to travel Tibet in these months, we are able to arrange a private tour for you. While there are several confirmed departure date for the group tour in January and April, if your time is flexible, you may consider joining a group tour in April. I will send detailed itinerary to your email, please check it. Warm regards.

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