Tingri to EBC road is blocked due to reconstruction, more drive needed to EBC

Received notification on 13th, March, 2014, that the 108km bumpy road from Tingri (Shegar) to Tibet EBC has been blocked due to reconstruction work, all the tours from Lhasa heading to EBC originally via Tingri have to change route to drive more (60km) to Old Tingri and from Old Tingri continue to EBC. See route changes in the following map.

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So far, there is no schedule about when the reconstruction will complete, but it could really take long time considering this is a tough project at foot of the Himalayas.

This is surely a piece of good news. In the past, all the tours from Lhasa to EBC would all pass Tingri and then to EBC, however, the 108 km bumpy road from Tingri to EBC took 5 hours long. It may take only 2 hours after reconstruction ends.

And what is the influence on the current tours that involve EBC? Currently, almost all the Tibet Mt. Everest tours overnight at Shigatse the day before arriving at EBC; it was about 8-9 PM when the group arrived at EBC due to long and bumpy driving (Shigatse-EBC, 350km); as a result of this temporary route change, it will take 1 hour more from now till reconstruction ends, that is to say it will be about 9-10 PM when the group can arrive at EBC. While, it imposes no influence over Lhasa-EBC-Kathmandu overland tour if the group overnights at Tingri the day before heading to EBC, because it's still less than 150km drive though it becomes longer.

Pictures of views between Tingri and EBC you cannot see during the reconstruction.
Pictures of views between Old Tingri and EBC you will see


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