Tourist Information

    Tourism Administrative Bureaus

    Tourism Administrative Bureaus of Tibet Autonomous Region
    Address: 18 Yuanlin Road Lhasa
    Tel: 0891-6323632
    Complain phone call: 6833476

    Tourism Administrative Bureaus of Lhasa
    Tel: 6323632

    Medical Service Institutions

    Tibetan Emergency Center
    Tel: 120

    People's Hospital of Lhasa
    Address: 6 East Beijing Road
    Tel: 0891-6323811

    People's Hospital of the Autonomous Region
    Address: North Linkuo Road
    Tel: 0891-6332462

    The Second People's Hospital of the Autonomous Region
    Address: West Jinzhu Road
    Tel: 0891-6324883

    Worker's Sanatorium of Lhasa
    Tel: 0891-6824684

    Epidemic prevention station of Lhasa:
    Tel: 0891-6322089

    Tibetan Hospital of the Autonomous Region
    Address: 26 Niangre Road
    Tel: 6323428

    Head Hospital of Tibetan Military Area Command
    Address: Niangre Road
    Tel: 6323390

    Money, Banks and Currency

    Bank of China, Construction Bank and Agriculture Bank set their branches in Lhasa. Agriculture Bank has the most banking outlets and branches of Construction Bank has been connected with a network. There's a branch of Construction Bank at the west junction of the square of the Potala Palace. The ATM has been hooked up to the network and you can draw cashes with credit cards there.

    The office hour of the bank is from 9:00 to 12:00 am and 15:00 to 18:00 pm. If you withdraw money with credit cards, you'd better avoid Saturdays and Sundays.

    Place for converting foreign currencies: 33 East Jinzhu Road Post code: 850000

Travelers' Questions Might Help

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user portrait Mr. Ba*** from: 4 Days Lhasa Holy Landmarks Express

Who is the tour organizer? Are the guides tibetan and English speakers?

Answered by Nancy

Dear Mr. Ba***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. We are the tour organizer, and we have two offices, one is located in Lhasa as operating office, and one is located in Chengdu as sales office, but we are the same company. And also all of our guides are local Tibetan English speaking guide.
Please kindly let me know when you would like to take the tour? And How many people in your group? And where you will be before and after Tibet tour? After I get the details, I will forward you more details about the tour. Best regards.

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