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Mount Kailash Height and Elevation

Sitting at an altitude of 6,638 meters above sea level, Mt. Kailash is considered to be the most sacred and mysterious mountain in the world. Revered by four different religions – Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and the Bonpo, it is believed to be the home of the most powerful god.

For all four religions, Mt. Kailash holds a great significance in their religious belief. So, every year thousands of followers of different religions come to Mt. Kailash to make a pilgrim. Not only the followers, but many tourists from all over the world come to witness its mysterious religion, rich culture, and superb natural scenery. For these tourists, a visit to the sacred mountain or a trek around Mt. Kailash might be a once in a lifetime experience and something they may never, ever forget. So, don’t miss the Mt. Kailash if you are considering a Tibet tour.

If you plan on trekking Mt. Kailash, here are some practical travel tips about Mt Kailash Height, Kora trek elevation, trek routes and some other tips for trekking for you to refer to.

Mount Kailash Height and Elevation

Elevation : 6638m
Prominence : 1319m

Can You Climb Mount Kailash?

With an elevation of 6,639 meters above the sea level and prominence of 1319 meters (4327 feet), Mt Kailash has never been climbed by any mountaineer. According to ancient Tibetan legends and writings, “No mortal ever be allowed to walk atop Mount Kailash, where, among the clouds, is the abode of the gods. He who dares to start the top of Mount holy and see the faces of the gods will be put to death!”

Mount Kailash Kora Trek Elevation

The average elevation of the kora trekking is about 5,000 meters and the path around Mt. Kailash is 52km long. High altitude, bumpy terrain, and harsh weather conditions make Mt. Kailash trek a great challenge, both physically and mentally.


Darchen : 4675m
Chugu Temple : 4860m
Teahouse & Restaurant : 4895m
Dira-puk Monastery : 5080m
Dromala Pass : 5648m (highest point)
Teahouse & Restaurant : 4965m
Zutul-puk Monastery : 4835m

The Most Popular Mount Kailash Trek Route

Generally speaking, it takes pilgrims 1-3 days to finish the kora trek. For some pilgrims who are familiar with the routes and little disturbed by the rough terrain and high-altitude sickness, the kora trek can be made in a single day. Commercial trek groups and India pilgrims generally spend 2 days on the circuit. However, for the first-time tourists, they are suggested to spend at least 3-4 days on the Kailash circuit so that they have enough time to handle the harsh conditions encountered in the process. Here we will introduce one of the most popular Mt. Kailash trek routes to you. It takes about 3 days to finish the pilgrim's kora.

Day 1: Darchen – Chogu Goma (3- 4 hrs), Chogu Gompa - Drirapuk Gompa (3-4 hrs)
Day 2: Day 2: Diraphuk - Dolmala Pass (5648m, highest point) - Zutruphuk Monastery (7-8 hrs)
Day 3: Day 3: Zutrupuk Monastery – Darchen (3 hrs)

More Popular Routes:

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Tips on Mount Kailash Trek

Here are some practical tips for Kailash trek if you are considering a Kailash tour.

1. Don’t forget to learn about the Kailash weather conditions before getting there. Try to avoid the monsoon (June-August) when the roads might be cut off by landslides and the mountains might be shrouded by cloud.

2. Due to the high elevation of Mt. Kailash, you might suffer from high altitude sickness. Though high-altitude sickness is unavoidable, you can lessen its symptoms by making a full preparation before heading there. For example, go to consult your personal doctor whether you are fit for high altitude trip.

3. If you are planning to travel to Mt. Kailash in June or September, you’d better book your tour at least 1 month in advance. During this time, many large India pilgrims groups come to Mt. Kailash for the pilgrim and they always book out the entire hotels on the way to Mt. Kailash.

4. Don’t forget to bring the Tibet permit , which would be checked on the way.

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