Tibet Permit

Issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB), Tibet Permit is a two-page A4 size document that allows you to enter and travel in Tibet. Tourists can only get this permit from a local tour operator in Lhasa whom you book a tour with. To apply for the permit from the TTB, you have to send by email the scan copy of your valid passport and Chinese visa to your Tibet tour operator at least 15 days before the tour because the application & approval takes about 10 days. 

 There is no "permit-only" service from your tour operator, tour guide, vehicle and accommodation are all indispensable parts of this packaged tour like the Tibet permit

Tibet Permit from Nepal

Tibet Permit from Nepal

Across the world, there is only one direct international flight to Lhasa that departs from Kathmandu, Nepal; besides, the Chinese Customs at Zhangmu that borders Nepal is also the only Customs that allows international tourists ... view more

Tibet Permit 2017

Like previous years, Tibet opens to foreign tourists again from the very beginning of April after the complete closure in March. To some degree, April is seen as the beginning month for Tibet inbound tourism each year and Tibet permit policy declared in each April serves like an indicator for the whole year remains. Yet, it is still very hard to expect what's the next possible policy change could be. The new policy (restriction) could come out anytime if there is any sensitive event (anniversaries, visit by central-government officials or foreign politician) approaches or unexpected suddenness (social unrest, strike) take place. Based on our close relationship with related governmental bodies and rich experience in Tibet tourism, we will keep updating the latest Tibet permit policy in 2017 here if there is any new regulation come out. view more

UPDATING 2017 message

Notes: since China-Nepal border still remains closed due to the earthquake devastation in 2015, so now it's impossible to travel overland by car from Lhasa to Kathmandu, and so the permit for this overland tour cannot be obtained at this moment.

Updated on 17th, March, 2017

Chinese Visa

Tibet is part of China politically, so to travel into Tibet, a valid Chinese visa is a must-have document for sure. Tibet is the only province in China that requires a travel permit and a pre-organized tour for non-Chinese tourists.

Chinese Visa

There is no “permit-only” service for Tibet tours; the permit is part of an organized tour. To get the permit, you have to send by email the scan (or photo) copy of your passport and Chinese visa to your Tibet tour operator who will help to get it at Tibet Tourism Bureau; however, when you go to a Chinese ... view more

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