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How to Get to Lhasa from Chengdu

Time:15-01-2020 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, known as “ the land of abundance”, where the theater performances of Face-changing that originated here, is quick to show its modern face too. The laid-back city is scattered with fabulous food especially hotpots and tea house with mahjong in the city’s many parks and temples, and also is the home to giant panda.

Sichuan Opera

Chengdu is the transport hub for the whole of the region, so most traveler pass trough this modern, fast-growing, yet surprisingly relaxed city at least once during their forays into China’s southwest. Besides Chengdu is the most important and nearest gate to Tibet, with more than 10 flights from Chengdu to Lhasa daily, and most flights depart in early morning. It takes only about two hours to fly from Chengdu to Lhasa. Taking flight to Lhasa is excellent choice if you want to save time and experience more China besides Tibet, good discount on flight in winter time. There is also train from Chengdu to Lhasa with 36hours, 2nights on the train.

Chengdu to Lhasa by train:

Chengdu-Lhasa train(Z322, return one is Z324)is a great views ways connects the panda home and the roof of the world place. It is 3360km with 36hours taking after the the development of railway system and an increase of train speed. But all the passengers need to change train in Xining with the original seats/berth numbers as you have to access to pipped-in oxygen outlets beside each seat or berth.

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Distance Frequency Hard seat/hard sleeper/soft-sleeper
Z322(Chengdu-Lhasa) 21:37 09:55 36H18M 3,360km every other day  ¥302.5 ¥627.5 ¥997.5
Z324(Lhasa-Chengdu) 18:35 07:00 36H25M every other day  ¥302.5 ¥627.5 ¥997.5

Note: It will depart from Chengdu north train station (#1 East Road Jinniu District Chengdu), metro line 1 and line 7 would pass by Chengdu north railway station), please refer to the information on your paper ticket or consult us as sometimes it will vary the time.

Chengdu to Lhasa by flight:
Flights into Lhasa are shared by Air China, China Southern, Sichuan Airline, Tibet Airline. There are flights connections to Lhasa from half a dozen Chinese cities but most travelers fly from Chengdu as it is easily connected to Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more cities in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. Flights to and from Lhasa are sometimes canceled or delayed due to weather condition there, so if you are flying give yourself a couple of days or more than 5 hours’ leeway if you will have connecting flight. There will be different discount in every month, more discount means more lose on cancellation if any unexpected. Baggage allow on domestic flights to Lhasa is 20kg in economy class and 40k for first class, and 5 kg for hand luggage. You can buy them online or through your agent, but you won’t able to board the plane unless you have TTB permit, which you show at customs and check-in in Chengdu.

Flight Number Depart/arrival time type airline Chengdu terminal
TV9803 06:00/08:35 Airbus 330 Tibet Airlines T2
CA4403 06:15/08:45 Airbus 319 Air China T2
3U8657 06:45/09:30 Airbus 319 Sichuan Airlines T1
EU2743 07:20/09:45 Airbus 319 Chengdu Airlines T2
CA4401 07:25/10:00 Airbus 330 Air China T2
CA4403 07:30/09:40 Airbus 330 Air China T2
3U8697 08:30/11:05 Airbus 319 Sichuan Airlines T1
TV9853 08:35/11:15 Airbus 330 Tibet Airlines T2
CA407 08:55/11:35 Airbus 319 Air China T2
MU5825 10:35/13:10 Boeing 737 China Eastern Airlines T2
TV9839 11:15/15:50 Airbus 319 Tibet Airlines T2
3U8695 11:20/14:05 Airbus 319 Sichuan Airlines T1
CA4112 12:40/15:15 Airbus 319 Air China T2

All flights will depart from/arrive in Chengdu at Terminal 2 excepts Sichuan Airlines which will be Termina1. in Chengdu it is about 800meters from Terminal 1 to terminal 2, and there is free shuttle bus running every 5 minutes on the bridge. If you will have to change flights in different terminals in Chengdu, better for you to take the bus, not use the inside aisle as you have to walk about 20 minutes there.

It is about 80km from Lhasa downtown to airport which will take at least 1 hour for driving, so avoid getting up too early in the morning, better for you to book the flights departing after 09:00.

Chengdu to Lhasa by road

In theory there are several land routes into Tibet, one of them is Tibet-Sichuan highway starting from Chengdu. However in current climate and circumstance, it is unwise to try the route on your own-you have a very good chance of being caught, fined and sent back in the direction you came. In some years, the policy is no problem for foreigners to enter Tibet by Tibet-Sichuan Hwy. The main eastern Tibet road crosses precipitous mountains ranges and river gorges from Chengdu by way of Kangding, Derge and Chamdo, the distance is approximately 2, 400km from Chengdu to Lhasa(1, 500miles). Bridges frequently break and cut away during the summer rainy season and snow can block passes in winter. The trip by car normally takes a week or ten days and travelers who have made this journey describe it as beautiful, dangerous and difficult.

Potala Palace

Travelers' Questions Might Help

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Ms. Ho*** from: When to get my Tibet permit
January 15, 2020 05:11

Hello, we are considering to travel in Tibet in summer. We are a family of 5, two adults and three kids, age 13(then), 10, 8. We are interested in the 10 days Mt. EBC & Namtso Lake Group tour. We are US citizens with valid 10-year Chinese multiple entry visa, which we have applied when we went to Beijing in 2019. We are currently living in South Korea.  


1. Are kids suitable (or even allowed) for this tour?  

2. If kids can join, are there any discount deals for kids?

Answered by Helen
January 15, 2020 07:54

Dear Ms. Ho***,

    Greetings from Helen at Budget Tibet Tour and welcome you to join our 10 days Mt. Everest & Namtso Lake group tour. For your questions: 1. Your kids are suitable for this tour. Travelling in Tibet is as safe for kids as it is for their parents. While the high Tibetan plateau may be the highest place on the planet, very often, the kids that visit this region are more adaptable and have fewer problems than their parents. We also have arranged wonderful Tibet tours for many families with kids such as a tour to EBC for a family with a 3-year-old son, a 9-year-old girl and a 11-year-old boy, they did have fun in Tibet and there is no problem for them. Or you can take some medicine under the guidance of doctor to prevent high altitude before enter Tibet. 2. If kids travel with you, we'll offer some discount for them, please check your email and find more detailed information. Thanks & Regards

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