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Large Live Drama Princess Wencheng in Lhasa 

Time:07-08-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

 Princess Wencheng Live Drama

Princess Wencheng play is a large-scale live-action drama created by Yushang Hemei group and Lhasa Budalavin tourism group. It premiered on 1st Aug 2013. The play has the Lhasa natural landscaper in the background, tells the story of Princess Wencheng and Songtsan Gambo hostage and it is divided into five ACTS and lasts about 90 minutes.

The play explores the resources in the history, culture, folk customs and natural landscape of Han and Tibet, combines the natural mountains and rivers with artificial stage, presents the intangible cultural heritage by high-tech means, and combines drama, music, dance and modern dance techniques into one fire, forming a magnificent movement. With a total construction area of 24,611.8 square meters and the cast nearly 800 people, the performance venue can accommodate more than 4,000 people at the same time.

The play starts at 21:00 from Monday to Sunday, due to the particularity of the live-action drama, the performance cannot be performed due to force majeure such as weather, so better to ask the online ticket seller in advance. It is located in China Tibetan Cultural Tourism Creative Park in Cjuelin(former Cijiaolin) along the Lhasa river. The ticket price is 380RMB per person, 480RMB per person, 580RMB per person, 880RMB and 1280RMB per person respectively based on different seats. Note: children below 1.2meters(including 1.2m) are admitted free of charge, children between 1.2m and 1.5m( including 1.5m)  are required to purchase half-price tickets and also only can be purchased at the ticket center.

Princess Wencheng is a large-scale live-action drama, which is performed 180times a year, it is divided into five ACTS: Rhyme of Tang Dynasty, Brahma and heaven, Beauty of Tibetan dance, God of Plateau, Beauty of Tibetan and Han.

The first act is that hundreds of ministers of civil and military affairs presented themselves to emperor Taizong LI Shimin at the splendid Daming Palace. Tubo Zangpu Songzan Gambo snt emissary Lu Dongzan proposal Tang Dynasty. Lu Dongzan cracked the Tang Taizong out of the puzzle, successfully found the real Princess Wencheng from the “princess”. Taizong permitted the marriage, and the princess set out.

Princess Wencheng Live Drama

The second acts tells that Princess Wencheng left Chang’an to Luoxie city( today’s Lhasa), it’s a long way to go, the princess homesick feelings come to mind, but think of the hostage responsibility, she resolutely broke the mirror, cut off the homesickness, with the feelings of” the world is not far away, the world is the home”, overcame all difficulties, head to Tubo.

The third part performs that Prince Wencheng and the wedding team, all the  way with 12-year-old-like Shakyamuni statue, golden saddle jade rein, silk and satin, books to Tubo, with beautiful reverie, Princess Wencheng and Songzan Gambo meet in a dream.

The fourth act is that in order to marry Princess Wencheng who cam from afar, Songtsan Gambo led the local people to build the Potala Palace, the people with a cheerful “Xieqin” dance, singing Songtsan Gambo’s achievements, with grand “hit Aga”, to express the blessing for him to marry the Tang Dynasty Princess Wencheng.

The last act shows that Songtsan Gambo married Princess Wencheng, all the people worship, the grad moment of Han-Tibetan marriage has arrived, and history has turned a new page since then.

The highlight of the Drama.

Highlights of Princess WenchengLive Drama  

  1. Zhuo Dance
    Zhuo dance, know as “ waist drum dance” in Tibetan language, is the most difficult dance in Tibetan dance, it is performed by all people in a circle form, The rhythm is slow and then fast.
  2. Guozhuo Dance
    Guozhuo dance which means circle dance in Tibetan, comes into being and changes with the development of production and daily life of the Tibetan nation. There are labor songs and dances that make highland barley, twist wool, feed cattle and make wine, and praise heroes, show Tibetan customs and habits, men and women getting married, new houses being completed and welcoming guests
  3. Hit A Ga
    Tibetan people are laboring and singing while ramming the roof.In  Hit A ga, the workers are divided into two groups, working in unison and singing one after another.
  4. Cowhide Ship
    The cowhide boat is an ancient water transportation vehicle of the Tibetan people, which looks like a big copper pot in the lama temple. It is used in the play, not only to restore the real situation of Princess Wencheng's visit to Tibet more than 1300 years ago, but also to let the audience feel the unique charm of Tibetan culture.
  5. Tibetan Opera
    The giant blue mask with a height of 2.5 meters and a width of 2 meters is used for Tibetan opera performance. Some Tibetan opera masks are including humba mask, human mask and animal mask, to distinguish the good, evil, loyal and evil characters from the shape and tone of the masks.

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