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The Different Types of Delicious Food You Must Try in Tibet

Time:25-01-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Tibet is a very unique and culturally distinct region. A part of its distinctive culture is also the food native to this land. If you’re a tourist visiting this region it’s an absolute must that you try Tibet’s authentic local cuisine. Of course, as with any culture’s native food, the tastes of this cuisine may not be the preference of some’s pallets whereas others simply fall in love with it.

The important thing is to at least give this food a try on your visit. As they say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Trying out Tibetan food is a must when visiting so here are some of the go-to meals you have to put on your bucket list:

Tibetan Noodle Soup

Thukpa (Noodle Soup)

One of the things that everyone notices when they visit Tibet is the large number of tea houses. Apart from serving delicious tea, these tea houses also offer traditional Tibetan noodle soup called Thukpa.

These noodles have a mild taste to them and are a favorite of many visitors. This dish is often made with wheat flour, yak meat, vegetables, and bone broth. This is a very popular dish for locals to eat this meal after their pilgrimage and they all flock to the tea houses.

Tibetan Tsampa


Tsampa is a very common food in Tibet. Tsampa is crafted from roasted barley flour, which is a favorite of the locals. Whenever you’re a guest in a Tibetan home, you will be welcomed with tea and Tsampa, as it is the perfect combination.

Tsampa is rich in calories and has a great nutritional value, which is why the Tibetans worship this food and even believe that it can scare away evil spirits and bring peace.


Tibetan restaurants really don’t often offer a lot of choices when it comes to deserts, even though the Tibetan cuisine includes quite a few of them. However, Dre-si can always be found on the menu. This dessert is made out of rice, Droma, which is a local root-plant, sugar, and butter broth. This dish is commonly eaten on the Tibetan New Year of Losar.

Tibetan Yogurt desert

Tibetan Yogurt desert

This dessert is probably one of the favorite ones among the locals and a lot of them eat it as a pastime snack. Tibetan Yogurt can be found in most restaurants and even on the street stands.

This yogurt is made out of fermented yak milk and doesn’t include any additives. You can find it in different combinations with various fruit.


Even though this dish closely resembles Chinese dumplings, Momo can come in different shapes. In some restaurants, it’s completely round and has a yak meat filling. There is also a vegetarian variety that includes onions, mushrooms, and cabbage.


Momo can come in a soup but in most cases, you can find fried or steamed dumplings. Still, a traditional recipe for Tibetan Momo includes steamed dumplings with meat, dressing, spicy sauce, and vegetables.

These are some of the foods you should definitively try out when visiting Tibet. Give each meal a chance and see what you like the most. For an immersive Tibetan experience, be sure to book a Tibetan tour  with Budget Tibet Tours today!

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