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Toilet Revolution in Tibet

Time:13-09-2018 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Did you face the dilemma of using the toilet with poor condition? 

Over the past few decades, the condition of infrastructure in Tibet Autonomous Region has been improved greatly. Same improvement happens to toilets in Tibet. President Xi pointed out that the toilet problem is not a small issue, which is an important factor for urban and rural civilization construction.

Toilet in Tibet
Toilet in Tibet

In the 1990s, 13 public toilets were built in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. Although this act solved the problem of open defecation to a degree, the smell and mess will make tourists chicken out. 13 latrines are definitely far from enough to satisfy the need of Lhasa.

Toilet in Tibet
Toilet in Tibet

In the 2000s, with more and more public toilets were built in Lhasa, people’s living environment was changed greatly.

In recent few years, “Toilet Revolution” was implemented in China. During this period, the number of toilets increased. For example, in the Barkhor Street, with an area of 1.33 square kilometers, have 53 public toilets, which mean that you can find a one in every few minutes. Meanwhile, lots of measures are taken by local office to optimize the facilities of the toilets so that people can use it more conveniently and comfortably.

Toilet in Lhasa
Toilet in Lhasa

Since 2017, Tibet government has planned to build 1,934 new projects by the end of this year with a total construction area of approximately 171,000 square meters. Up to now, 1,346 "toilet revolution" projects have been built in Tibet, and 220 projects has completed the construction and put into use already. 

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Hi there,

Its Olympia. I will be in Nepal with a friend on 7 August and we really fancy doing a trip from kathmandu to Tibet for 4, 5 days. Could you give us a price for 10 august including flights from and to Kathmandu?

Many thanks.

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Dear Ms. Ol***,
Thanks very much for your inquiry. If you enter Tibet from Kathmandu, you need to apply for Chinese Group Visa in Kathmandu, which takes at least three working days. Could you please tell me what time of 7th Aug you will arrive in Kathmandu? If you arrive in Kathmandu on the early morning of 7th, you can start to apply for group visa on that day, and you'll get your visa on 9th and fly to Lhasa on 10th Aug. However, if you get to Kathmandu after 10:00 of 7th, you have to start to apply for visa on 8th, and you'll get your visa on 12th (10th and 11th are weekend), under this situation, you can join our tour starting on 13th Aug. I will send detailed itinerary to your email, please check it. Warm regards.

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