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Tibet Train Dining & Drinking

Meals on board the train are not included in the ticket price. The train has a dining car and offers passengers 3 meals a day. Dining car is the best location for day-time sightseeing thanks to its big window. While you view the beautiful landscapes of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you can also order some food; drinks, snacks and meals are all available there. Normally, noodles, porridge, steamed buns, eggs and pickles are served at breakfast; while at lunch and dinner, you can order some delicious meals including fried meat and vegetables, chicken and fish are also available too.

Tibet Train dining car Tibet Train dining car

If the dining car is fully occupied, there is also meal trolley, snack trolley and fruits trolley service too; the trolley service will pass your compartment from time to time. You can buy food at trolley service too.

Meals Trolley Fruits Trolley Snack Trolley

TIP: We do recommend that you carry more or less your own food on board the train. The quality of food is average and is a tad expensive, particularly the food served at the dining car. Food you can bring like instant noodles, cakes, waters and fruits. The meal served by the meal trolley is much more reasonable than that at the dining car. Also, the free boiled water is available 24 hours around; you can get it at a boiler at each side of each car.

Free Boiled Water