Must-visit Lhasa Attractions

Despite the rapid development of tourism, Tibet still sticks strongly to its cultural heritage. As capital city since the 7th century, Lhasa is an attracting introduction to Tibet. Lhasa remains its spiritual core, the Jokhang, the Potala and many monasteries around such as Sera and Drepung. These are easily accessible by bus, minibus, or hired vehicle, which is ideal for Lhasa day trips . Here the article will introduce the must-visit Lhasa attractions. Head to have a check.

Top 14 Must-see Lhasa Attractions

A brief introduction to the popular Lhasa tourist attractions is offered here, convenient for you to make a travel plan.

Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Jokhang Temple

1. Jokhang Temple

The Jokhang Temple is considered as the "spiritual heart of the city" in Tibet, enchanting enormous pilgrims, locals and tourists every day. To travel here, follow the Jokhang Temple travel guide  to know how.


Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Potala Palace

2. Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is the greatest monumental structure in Tibet. There are two main sections - the White Palace and the Red Palace. Today, the major political events and religious ceremonies are still held here. For more details, check this page talking about the trip to Potala Palace .


Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Barkhor Steet

3. Barkhor Street

The Barkhor Street always bustles with pilgrims and tourists from eager to visit the Jokhang Temple. The current Barkhor Street is the famous commercial center in Lhasa, but it still maintain a unique and ancient character. For more info, head to the post about Barkhor Street .


Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Sera Monastery

4. Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery is 3km north away from Lhasa, which is easily accessible. Many visitors arrive here to witness the monks group debate held in the courtyard. To get there, follow the Sera Monastery travel guide  to know how.



Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Drepung Monastery

5. Drepung Monastery

The Drepung Monastery was the richest monastery, with four colleges and 10000 monks; today there are about 500-600. To know more details, the page talking about route to Drepung Monastery  can be helpful.

6. Ganden Monastery

The Ganden Monastery is said to be the one most worth visiting, with its scenic setting high on the Gokpori Ridge. The post share more travel tips about Ganden Monastery , and you can head to have a check.

Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Namtso

7. Lake Namtso

Namtso is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. And the “Heavenly Lake” is featured with the power to wash your soul, whether you are a Buddhism believer or not. Read the guide about Namtso tour  to know how to get there.


8. Lake Yamdrok

Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Yamdrok

Lake Yamdrok, another holy lake, is located in Langkazi County, Shannan City. Amazingly, Yamdrok shows different colors according to the changeable light. The turquoise lake and blue sky complement each other, dotted with white clouds, bringing you into the heaven.

9. Norbulingka

It is a palace and surrounding park, about 1km southwest of Potala Palace. Norbulinka served as the traditional summer residence of Dalai Lamas. For more info, check the article about Norbulingka .

10. Drak Yerp Hermitage

Must-visit Lhasa Attractions - Drak Yerpa Hermitage

Drak Yerpa is a cave monastery, which is caved from natural rocks. For those with a particular interest in Tibetan Buddhism, Drak Yerpa hermitage is one of the best destinations. Read the post about Drak Yerpa hermitage  to get more details.

11. Chakpori Hill

The Chakpori Hill is also called Yao Wang Shan, and literally means the Hill of Medicine King. It is an ideal location for taking photographs of the Potala Palace. To know the detailed route to Chakpori Hill , read the post.

12. Turpu Monastery

It’s the first monastery of the Gagyu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and the main monastery of the Black Cap Group of the Garma Sect. The system of succession to grant the living Buddha has been originated here and has become popular among various sects of the Tibetan Buddhism. For more information, this page about Turpu Monastery  can be helpful.

13. Reting Monastery

Reting Monastery overlooks the perfectly smooth green and placid valley, a milky snow-fed river running through the bottom. It is a historically important monastery. Read the post to get more details about the Reting Monastery .

14. Drigung Monastery

The 180-degree views from the main courtyard are impressive and a serene stillness pervades the site. The most famous sky burial site in central Tibet is located here. A more detailed introduction to Drigung Monastery  is offered here.

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