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The Regulations on the Protection of Yamdrok Lake in Shannan Will Take Effect in September

Time:15-08-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Recently, the reporter learned that, the regulations on the protection of Yamdrok Lake in Shannan will be put into force from 1st of September, 2019. The aim is to strengthen the protection of Yamdrok Lake, maintain water area, safeguard water supply function, prevent and control pollution, improve water ecology and water environment, maintain lake health, and promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development.

To maintain the health of Yamdrok Lake, these actions are forbidden in Yamdrok Lake
The regulations, specific provisions have been made on the protection area, water area and shoreline protection, water pollution prevention and control, ecological protection and restoration, and public participation of Yamdrok. And the Shannan city, Gongga county, Langkazi county government, water administrative departments and the township along the lake should assume the protection responsibility to make the corresponding requirements, at the same time determined that 25th of May every year as the "mother lake protection action day."

The Yamdrok Lake

According to the regulation, Yamdrok protection areas are divided into core and general protection areas according to their functions and protection requirements. The core protected area is the area below the historic high-water level in Yamdrok. The general protection zone refers to the area where the historical maximum water level extends 100 meters horizontally along the surface of the earth (within 100 meters, if there is a built road or permanent building, the boundary of built road or permanent building shall prevail).

In the prevention and control of water pollution, the regulations clearly require that no new sewage outlets be built within the protection area of Yamdrok. At the same time, the following actions shall be prohibited: Discharge or dump construction waste, household garbage and other wastes into water bodies and lakeshore, pile up or store solid wastes or other pollutants on beaches and bank slopes below the highest water level; Washing vehicles or containers that have stored oil or toxic or harmful pollutants in water bodies; Purse Seine, cage, fence, fertilizer (manure, bait) breeding; Other actions that pollute water bodies.

The Yamdrok Lake

In terms of ecological protection and restoration, the regulations strictly forbid fishing in the Yamdrok core protection zone. In addition, the following activities are prohibited within the Yamdrok basin: hunting wild birds and other wild animals and destroying wildlife habitats; Releasing alien species without authorization; Other actions that destroy the ecological environment.

Implement shoreline zoning management, Strengthen control of shoreline use
In terms of water area and shoreline protection, the regulation states that Shannan government should formulate a unified plan for Yamdrok water area and shoreline protection, implement shoreline zoning management, strengthen shoreline use control, and take effective measures to maintain the natural form of Yamdrok shoreline.

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Dear Mr. Ul***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. I think it will be no problem for you to bring your grandchildren to do the trekking, as we had clients before who took child less than 4 years old did it, and they hired porter to carry him for some part. If you like, you can hire a horse and horse man to carry them to save the energy there. And also I recommend you to arrive in Lhasa1-2days earlier to make the children adjust the high place better if you have enough time. And I will send you the tour details, please check it by email. Best regards.

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