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Dietetic Etiquette

Time:21-08-2019 This Article is Composed by BudgetTibetTour

Drinking tea

In common, family members should use one’s own tea bowl to drink tea at home and not to take the other’s bowl freely. One cannot have his tea bowl empty at his will while drinking tea. Instead, keep the tea bowl full after half tea time till and till last, however, one should also not drink it out but keep a little tea to be seen as a symbol of the never drunk out tea and gorgeous wealth. A hostess will take out her treasured and luminous looking china bowl and put it before her guest. She then holds tea pot up and shake slightly for several times (bottom of the teapot is below a table). A tea bowl filled with butter tea is then carried with both hands and bow to her guest. The guest can’t drink it at once as just getting it from host. One should blow the floating oil slowly, and take several sips till half of it left in the bowl. Put the bowl onto the table. The hostess is going to fill it up and guests can’t take it immediately but are requested to sip it slowly and keep talking with her. After drinking in each time, bowl is to be filled up soon so as to keep it full. Guests, in common need to drink three bowls not just one. When drinking, do not make noise. Not even drink it out, otherwise, it will be regarded as ill breeding.

Dietetic Etiquette - Drinking tea

Drinking wine

With enriched ceremonies and etiquettes of drinking in Tibet, new wine should be firstly toasted to Buddha in fresh. After it, should toast to the elders in the family as the elder’s priority in tradition before other family members drink it. When drinking in festivals, wedding ceremony, or public gathering, people usually toast to prestigious elders before toast to others in clockwise. One who proposes a toast should carry wine cup with both hands to whom he toasts to particular to the elders. People who accept the wine cup use both hands too, the right way is to hold it by right and first, dip the ring finger of the left into wine and flick it up three times before drinking. Flick wine up three times is praying for Triratna, namely Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.


Dinning custom in Tibet is exquitely peculiar too. As the host and guests are seated in certain position, they pick up food from the table placed in front of them and eat separately. Tibetan cuisine includes dried meat, cheese cake, ginseng fruit cake, fried yak meat, spicy oxtrip, sausage, stewed mutton stew, lamb’s head stew, and so on. There are many Tibetan restaurants of different levels in cities and towns through Tibet. Decorations of these ones, are more or less in Tibetan style. Wooden tables shaped as dog hoop, steel stoves, china bowls with a pattern.

Dietetic Etiquette - Dinning

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Hi Nancy

I want to visit in Oct 2020 and do the Mt Kailash tour. I want to bring two of my grandchildren - aged 8 and 10 years old. Do you think it is possible?


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Dear Mr. Ul***,

Greetings from Nancy at Budget Tibet Tour, thanks for visiting our website and sending your inquiry. I think it will be no problem for you to bring your grandchildren to do the trekking, as we had clients before who took child less than 4 years old did it, and they hired porter to carry him for some part. If you like, you can hire a horse and horse man to carry them to save the energy there. And also I recommend you to arrive in Lhasa1-2days earlier to make the children adjust the high place better if you have enough time. And I will send you the tour details, please check it by email. Best regards.

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